Daily Schedule

daily Schedule

Drop-off  7-9  As pups are delivered they are allowed to roam the main inside playroom.  The outside is off-limits until 8am to minimise barking at the loical dog walkers and kids being dropped off to Daycare. Outside play beings at 8am.  

 Morning Session. 9-11. Pups are played with and stimulated by both staff and other dogs.  Like children, they need to be trained to chase balls and toys, play on the euipment and in the playhouse, on the bridge and out in the sandpit.  Depending on the heat of the day, the first small group of pups is walked to the Riverhills dog park for 20mins of outside grass time

Lunchtime 11-1  The second group of pups is walked and visits  the dog park for outside grass time whilst the first group resettles inside for play. Pups get their lunch aif provided by their parents.

Rest time. 1-3 Escaping the heat in the middle of the day – we rest in the home corner on the couch or cusions and snooze or sniff and play – pups choice. 

Afternoon Session 3-5. Time to fill up the paddling pool and get wet and sandy.  We will dig for Kongs in the sandpit and make big holes!  Any pup not yet walked will be taken for a short stroll round the block. 

Ready to head Home. 5-6   We snuffle in the Home Corner or play with the toys and our friends.  Mum or Dad will come to get us soon….