Our Services


Recuperative Care

Is your pup unwell and you have to work?  We can help by isolating and monitoring your dog in a quiet room away from the other pups.  Water and food intake can be monitored and medications administerd if required.

puppy care

Puppy Care

A young pup at home is very hard to leave behind. Boredom and distress can be allieviatd by some time at doggy daycare.  Smaller pups can be socialised with other pups or dogs their own size and kept away from rough play. 


Pet Feeding

Your choice of the laterst B.A.R.F. raw feed or specially-formulated cooked beef, lamb, chicken and vegies with rice or couscous.  Home made cooked liver and offal treats also available as well as a range of the latest sprinkle on liquid and piowder vitamins.

pet taxi

Pet Taxi Service

Sign up for PetCloud to book a dog friendly taxi – for times when you’re just unable to get away.  

COMING SOON – Pup Playdates will offer a very resonable pickup and delivery service.