A puppy daycare provides a safe and fun environment for energetic pups to socialise and exercise. It also offers convenience for busy pet owners while allowing you to spend your day with adorable furry friends.  

If you own and run a puppy daycare, you must understand that providing an excellent experience for these pets goes beyond creating a safe facility with qualified staff members. You must also be creative enough to keep these pets happy while in your care. 

Here are some fun ideas to create a more memorable experience for the little ones at your puppy daycare.   

Host Fun Games and Competitions

All dogs deserve to stay happy and engaged, even when away from their owners. Here are some fun ideas your doggie daycare can organise.

1. Puppy Pageant

Hosting a puppy pageant at your facility is one of the best ways to showcase the best of these adorable furballs! It encourages pet owners to sign up their furbabies when they drop off their pups for their dogs to participate and win special prizes. 

During the event, you can organise fun rounds like grooming and fashion, common training commands, and even a scavenger hunt. Besides helping the furbabies show their skills, it even allows you to pamper them for being good boys and girls. 

2. Frisbee Toss

Most pet owners love tossing a frisbee with their dogs, as it’s a fun way to switch up the regular fetching games and easy to play and is suitable for all breeds. Fortunately, your puppy daycare facility can help these furbabies get the well-deserved fun by including frisbee toss in your regular playtime routine. 

3. Water Day 

Set up different water games for pups to play outside, like a water gun spray station, a bobbing-for-treats tub, and a shallow puppy pool. Also, have towels and schedule post-game cleaning. Moreover, know that not all dogs will enjoy it, so don’t force them and have other activities available.

Give Them Toys 

All dogs love playing with toys, regardless of their size or breed. Since any time is a good time to get something nice for the pups, your puppy daycare can add frisbees, balls, and chewable stuffed animals to their daily playtimes.

Issue Pet Report Cards

Pet report cards are a trend in the pet industry that provide updates on pets’ behaviours and experiences throughout the day. These documents can include customisable comments, photos, and videos, and puppy daycare centres can send them to owners via email or Short Message Service (SMS). Besides satisfying customers’ curiosity about their furbabies, they provide fun memories worth sharing with other fur parents. 

Final Thoughts 

All dogs deserve to enjoy a great time, even in a puppy daycare centre. You can create memorable and happy days for these furbabies by organising fun events, giving them cute toys, and making personalised pet report cards. 

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