Whether you own an adorable lap pup or a loyal guardian that protects your home from danger, you’d know that regularly grooming your dog can benefit you and your fur baby. This good habit can help keep their coat shiny and healthy, making them look good. It can also prevent infections and parasites from biting your pet. 

Although there’s nothing wrong with maintaining them at home, it may not always be ideal if you’re constantly working. Therefore, you should take them to your local dog groomer. These hardworking professionals will help you manage your pet’s grooming needs and ensure their health and well-being. 

If you’re ready to make your pet look like a good boy or girl, this article will explain why taking them to a local dog groomer is worth the money. 

1. Protect Skin and Coat Health

Being a responsible pet owner means learning to care for your pet’s skin and coat. Besides feeding them the right food, you can maintain their health by bringing them to your nearest local dog groomers. These regular sessions can help prevent skin diseases, dandruff, and shedding. 

Professional groomers are well-equipped to detect skin issues and can notify you before they become severe. That way, you can immediately bring your furbaby to your veterinarian for timely treatment. 

2. Allow Your Dog to Socialise

Your dog needs proper socialisation to grow into a well-rounded pet, and regularly taking them to a groomer can provide an excellent socialisation opportunity and exposure to new people, dogs, sounds, smells, and sights.

First-time dog owners often overlook this, but it can help your dog become more comfortable with new situations in the future. Although your pet may be initially nervous, the exposure can benefit their well-being in the long run. 

3. Remove Unwanted Mats 

Dogs with longer coats are prone to tangled hair, especially if you don’t groom them regularly. Even dogs with shorter hair can experience mats if they enjoy outdoor activities that can lead to dirt and debris getting stuck in their fur. 

Although removing mats from a dog’s coat alone seems like it can help you save time, it can be challenging and potentially dangerous. On the other hand, professional groomers are skilled at safely removing them without harming the dog’s skin. That way, your pet’s coat will regrow normally and prevent further matting.

4. Manage Complex Coats 

Dogs with complex coats, like poodles and “doodles”, need a professional groomer, as their coats require specialised care. Other pups may also have challenging fur needs that most pet owners cannot manage. 

If you’re a pet owner that doesn’t have experience with these types of coats, you’re better off leaving these tasks to your local dog groomers. They will handle all your dog’s coat health requirements.

5. Get Quality Trims 

Attempting to trim your dog’s hair at home can be challenging, especially if you have an energetic pet or if they have a thick coat. 

However, if you want your dog to look great, we recommend taking them to professional groomers. They can offer various trimming and cutting styles matching your dog’s coat and preferences. These experts can also ensure your pup’s haircut is even and tidy. That way, you can relax and save yourself from chasing your hyperactive pet or allergies. 

6. Keep Up with Your Pet’s Hygiene Care

Professional dog groomers help your pet’s hygiene needs, including nail trimming, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and anal gland expression. You can also request a “sanitary trim” around your pet’s genitals. Although these services may cost extra, they allow you to handle everything in one session. 

Final Thoughts 

Your pet deserves to look and feel clean, but DIY grooming can’t always ensure that, as it can be dangerous and time-consuming. You can help your pup be their best and save time and energy by bringing them to your local dog groomers. 

If you’re a homeowner needing reliable local dog groomers near Riverhills, bring them to Pup PlayDates! We offer professional services so your pet can look and feel its best. Contact us now!