What will my dog do all day?

During the course of a full day, your pup will enjoy supervised indoor play with other dogs and toys, outdoor play with walks and trips to the dog park and also digging and water play in our sandpit and paddling pool. There will be several rest times built in where doggies can relax and nap in the Home Corner which is just like your lounge room at home.

What if my dog gets hurt?

All care will be taken to ensure dogs play safely and are not aggressive with each other.  Should an accident or injury occur – you will be notified and your pup rushed to your local nominated vet.

Will I get photos and reports?

Photos of the dogs fun activities will be posted on our Instagram and Facebook Pages as the day progresses. Owners are more than welcome to save and keep any photographs of their own pets. 

Why do dogs need to be vaccinated?

All responsible dog owners get their pups vaccinated annually for the deadly diseases of distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus and kennel-cough.  These are contagious and vaccinations are necessary to protect your pup from the dogs of irrespoinsible pet owners who do not vaccinate.  As dogs grow, people often forget to get their yearly booster.  This is crucial and you will need to provide a certificate from your vet showing the dates of vaccination for the protection of all the pups.

How do I know if my dogs will like daycare?

We provide a free session of either a half-day or full day so watch your pup interact and play and make sure they are enjoying the experience.  It sometimes takes a visit or two for a dog to relax and realise that mum or dad are coming back to get them.  Older dogs would often prefer to stay home and nap…but younger dogs usuallt benefit from a day of social fun every now and then.