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We're OPEN Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Pup Playdates


Small-scale but BIG Fun for dogs up to 12 kilos.  Let your pooch enjoy some furry company for a day or just an hour or two!  We have packages to suit all dog owners.

Walkies and trips to the dog park included and we get a bubble bath before heading home at the end of a busy day!

Doggy Daycare made simple


Daily Rate – 6-10 hours $50

Half-day – 4-5 hours $35

5-Visit packs available for $200

2-dog rates from $70 per day

Monthly unimited full-day visits $300 per dog





Silver Poodle


Mixed Terrier – Male


Papillon Cross


Lhasa apso



Angel on Earth




Toy Poodle

What we do

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Doggy Daycare

We’ll take your fur baby for a day whilst you work or an hour or two while you shop!  They’ll have fun with other furry friends and return home exhausted (in a good way) and ready for some quiet time.


Opening soon – Our pooch salon will offer all grooming services including bathing, blow-drying, clipping and trimming, nails and ears.

Pet Food

Once our kitchen is certified for Food Safety – we will offer home-made raw and cooked doggy dinners full of meat, vegies and good fats.

So much healthier than super-market offerings.


Call Janine or Renee or email pupplaydtaes@gmail.com